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 ====== Welcome to Top Eleven Wiki ====== ====== Welcome to Top Eleven Wiki ======
-Here you can find all kind of information about Top Eleven. Tips and tricks, training guides, tactic guides, etc.+Here you can find some helpful information about Top Eleven.
-[[ft|Fast Trainer Guides.]]+===== Guides =====
-[[gt|Game Tactic guides.]]+[[ft_levels|Fast Trainer Price Chart.]]
 +===== Feedback =====
 +[[|Top Eleven forum]]
-Enjoy playing Top Eleven. 
-===== Join me ===== 
-This Wiki is an Open Source project that thrives through user contributions. You can join to help with this project. 
-===== Donations ===== 
-I would really appreciate donations if you find information on this site helpful. 
-Two beer or not two beer? 8-) 
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